About CFPM

CFPM was born out of a desire to match tools like npm and composer and to easily be able to include / require libraries when and where you need them.

Practice what you preach

We believe that CFPM can be the default package manager for ColdFusion and can help advance ColdFusion as a progressive web technology. That is why CFPM runs off of CFPM. We deploy and develop packages for cfpm.io using the cfpm tool. Micro CF, Request CF and Utils CF were all created in support for this site and are what keeps this site running.

Open Source and ColdFusion

For many years ColdFusion has been developed as mostly an entriprise level language. This has led to many projects and extrodinary work going unnoticed or under-used. With CFPM, we are pushing for Open Source Libraries that help promote community development and foster a more healthy community.